Disabled Veterans Can Ride the MET Bus Free


Beginning this year, the City of Billings will initiate a new program that will allow Disabled American Veterans to ride the MET fixed route system free of charge. 

Transit Manager Ron Wenger explained that several large public transportation systems have initiated discounted and free ride programs for Disabled American

Veterans, and felt that a similar program in Billings would be a perfect complement to the new MET route that now serves the Veterans Clinic on the west end of Billings. 

After discussing this idea with the Mayor, City Council, and the Aviation and Transit Board, the MET staff received unanimous support to move forward. 

Beginning on January 6, 2014, any Disabled American Veteran will be able to show their Department of Veterans Affairs identification card

indicating "Service Connected" and they will ride for free.  "What a perfect way for the Billings community to recognize the extraordinary service of our

Disabled American Veterans," Wenger said.  "They deserve our support and appreciation."


For additional information, contact Ron Wenger at MET Transit – 657-8221

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