Healthy Montana Wellness Screening


Getting a Wellness Screening is one way you can find out whether you are healthy or if you may have underlying issues. This screening is a collaboration of local medical providers to provide a safe, reliable wellness screening. You can have confidence that the medical providers who are evaluating you are licensed, credentialed practitioners and available to you for future needs. Healthy Montana Wellness Screenings are October 11th and 12th from 7 am until noon.

A wellness screening includes blood pressure, height and weight check, screening carotoid ultrasound (looking for blockages in main arteries in the neck region), aorta ultrasound (looking for blockage in the main artery leading from the heart to main organs), screening for peripheral artery disease (looking for blockage of the arteries in the arms and legs), screening for vein disease (looking for varicose veins and potention vein problems), and a blood draw (12 hour fast is required). The blood draw tests lipids, CMPA (kidney and liver), TSH (thyroid), and AHEMP2 (white and red blood cell count, platelet count).

The price for this screening is $285, the original value is $1300!

For more information and to schedule an appointment, please call Picture Perfect Ultrasound at 406-969-4340. They can also be visited on the web at and

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