Stillwater Mining Company Donates to EnergyShare Montana


For the third year in a row Stillwater Mining Company is helping Montanans facing unexpected loss of heat in their homes this year by donating $10,000 to Energy Share, a statewide energy assistance program.

“Last heating season Energy Share helped 2,281 Montana families stay warm and this year have seen more requests for our services,” said Rachel Haberman, Energy Share Executive Director.  “We’re very thankful for organizations like Stillwater Mining Company that help their neighbors who are facing energy emergencies.”

Energy Share is a statewide nonprofit organization whose primary purpose is to provide emergency energy assistance to Montanans facing loss of heat or light in their homes due to unavoidable or unforeseen circumstances.  “Energy emergency” usually means someone who is facing loss of heat in their homes due to unavoidable or unforeseen reasons, and is unable to pay for it themselves.  Since its inception in 1983, Energy Share has distributed $15.2 million in energy assistance to over 46,000 families.  Energy Share is funded solely with private and corporate donations and usually is only available once in the lifetime of the recipient.  For more information on Energy Share, call 1-888-779-7589 or visit

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