Youth Dynamics is offering Common Sense Parenting Classes


What is Common Sense Parenting®?

Common Sense Parenting (CSP) provides a menu of proven techniques that can be used by every family raising children. Common Sense Parenting teaches skills that help parents raise responsible children and building strong, happy families.  The goal of Common Sense Parenting program is to develop or enhance parenting skills that encourage positive behavior, discourage negative behavior and teach alternatives to problem behavior in children. The program teaches easy-to-learn techniques that address issues of communication, discipline, decision making, relationships, self-control and school success. 

Common Sense Parenting® classes give parents the tools to:

·         Build strong, healthy relationships

·         Correct and change problem behavior

·         Minimize problems that disrupt family life

·         Raise responsible, caring children

·         Communicate effectively

·         Avoid power struggles

·         Control emotions

·         Balance discipline with affection

·         Praise their child's good behavior

·         Be a better, more engaged and caring parent

Common Sense Parenting Classes at Youth Dynamics

Youth Dynamics will offer two separate Common Sense Parenting classes that will focus on different age groups:

·         Toddler & Preschoolers

·         School-Aged Children

Professional parent trainers will lead two-hour parenting sessions and provide instruction, consultation and support.  The training model used in all CSP classes emphasizes learning from experience and allow the trainers to conduct classes that build on skills the parents already have.

When will the classes be held?

Common Sense Parenting Classes in Billings will begin on June 16th from 6:00-8:00pm at Youth Dynamics, 2334 Lewis Ave, Billings, MT.  This class series will focus on School Age Children and will be held on Monday evenings for the next six weeks.  These classes are offered at no cost to the participants.  The Toddler & Preschool Class Series will be offered beginning in August.   For more information on how to register call (406) 245-6539.

Common Sense Parenting Classes are being offered as part of a larger grant Youth Dynamics has recently received a grant through the Montana Department of Health and Human Services- Children’s Mental Health Bureau to provide crisis diversion services in five specific locations of Montana.

Who is Youth Dynamics?

Supporting Montana youth and families is a core belief of Youth Dynamics.  Our experience has been that children’s behavior improves faster and their improvements are maintained more in families.  Because of this, Youth Dynamics’ services are provided in a family setting or in an environment that is as similar to a family as possible, rather than in an institutional setting.       

We treat and support Montana youth who have been diagnosed with a severe emotional disturbance and, in many cases, are survivors of child abuse and trauma.  Youth Dynamics provides a wide continuum of care that includes many options for treatment, ranging from mentoring to intensive level therapeutic group homes.  In an effort to serve as many Montana kids as possible, Youth Dynamics has 18 locations across the state. Each of these offices serves an expanded area of outlying communities. 

Youth Dynamics believes that young people with problems are not juvenile delinquents or troubled teens, but amazing kids with great potential.  Further, Youth Dynamics believes that families with problems are not broken homes or dysfunctional, but people who need access to treatment, support and opportunities to build a better life.  We treat our kids with the respect they deserve.  We have been serving at-risk youth and families for 32 years; have 405 employees and 1,450 Montana kids who accessed our services in 2013.


Contact: Kristin Thompson, Public Relations - Community Education Coordinator, at 2334 Lewis Ave, Billings, MT 59102, Office Phone: (406) 245-6539, Cell Phone: (406) 855-5211, and E-mail address:

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