Shirley Elings - Account Executive

- Montana, family, friends, and a career I love…I have it all.    I started advertising sales in 1995 and as we all know, technology has sure changed our landscape.  It’s important to me, to have the ability to help my customers make efficient and cost effective advertising decisions, so I strive to stay informed of market conditions and cutting edge opportunities that can play a key role in their success.

My husband, John and I have owned and operated 3 successful small businesses in Montana, and that is when I learned the importance of superior customer service.  It’s the core of my principles.
If you are looking for an idea to showcase your business or just a little advice, I’d be happy to help.

When I’m not working…we love to cook, sing, camp and hang out with our son, Tyler when he comes to visit from The Bakken.  Have a good one Everyone and enjoy the Big Sky!

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