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BILLINGS, MT - On May 25th the newest Star Wars anthology film, Solo, will be released in theaters. We thought it would be nice to dig into the archives and find out a little bit on the creator of Star Wars, George Lucas.
George Lucas was born in Modesto, California in May 1944. At a young age he found he had a fondness for art and, later, for speed when he was younger. That fondness for speed ended his career of being a race car driver when he was involved in a serious accident that almost claimed his life. It was after that when he decided that he would go to film school at the University of Southern California. This was the beginning of his film career.

While in school Lucas became more interested in the abstract style of film making than the traditional, story-telling form of film making. He produced tone poems and was interested in pure animation. It was during this time he would become friends with future collaborator Steven Spielberg.

After he graduated from college he befriended and collaborated with Francis Ford Coppola where they formed American Zoetrope, a production company together. With a seven-picture deal from Warner Brothers they produced THX 1138 as their first picture. It wasn’t a success and the deal with Warner Bothers fell apart. He then formed Lucasfilm Limited. Fortunately, his second picture, American Graffiti, was more successful and he was able to go on and do Star Wars which took the world by storm.
After Star Wars Lucas took a hiatus from directing and became a producer where he was responsible for productions from Raiders of the Lost Ark to The Land Before time. Many times, he got these projects going without taking any credit. Many of these movies are staples of American pop-culture.

Lucas returned to directing with 1999s Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and followed up with Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. The prequal trilogy wasn’t as well received as his original trilogy but did contribute in world building, lore and characters to the Star Wars universe.

In June 2012 George Lucas sold LucasFilm Limited, along with his Star Wars franchise to the Walt Disney Company and entered semi-retirement. The Star Wars story continues with Disney.
George Lucas has contributed much to American film and American pop-culture. He has done well for a young man from Modesto who simply wanted to make experimental little films.

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