Fishing Report

Stillwater River

Flows bumped up a bit recently, but float fishing is still extremely challenging. On some of the cooler weather and overcast days, there have been some BWOs coming off, providing some good dry fly action. A #16 Parachute BWO pattern has been successful. Also try a Purple Haze or Parachute Adams. By late morning and into the afternoon, look for hopper fishing to pick up. Various big attracter dry patterns, like a Jack Cabe, stimulator or PMX, along with a standard Stillwater nymph pattern of some sort are usually a successful combination. Good nymph choices are bead head and flashy patterns such as a Prince Nymph, Hare’s Ear, Pheasant Tail, Batman or Copper John. Try soft hackle patterns in the riffle water too. Hopper patterns like the Pink Pookie, Fat Frank and Yellowstoner Chubby are good choices for hopper patterns. Fish hoppers with a fairly long dropper nymph. Straight nymphing with rubber leg patterns with a smaller beadhead nymph trailer fly has been productive and will produce, particularly in the heavier water. Streamer action has been fair with dark color buggers and the Grinch. Trail a nymph off of the back and dead drift as well as strip. Beware that the Stillwater River Road remains closed for travel above Cliff Swallow near the Midnight Canyon bridge due to a rock slide.

Yellowstone River

Fishing has been good. There may still be occasional Trico spinners in the morning with fish rising to them. A small Trico pattern trailed off of a Purple Haze is a good combination. By late morning and into the afternoon, there is some activity fishing big dry flies like Chubby Chernobyls, PMXs and Jack Cabe with dropper nymphs. Fish are eating the hopper too. Try a Yeti Hopper, Yellowstoner Chubby, Pink Pookie or Fat Frank in peach, purple, pink or olive. If fishing a dry/dropper set up try a fairly long dropper. Prince Nymph, Hare’s Ear, Copper John, Pheasant Tail, or Batman are good dropper nymphs. Dark color bugger patterns dead drifted have been taking fish. Nymphing using a big rubber leg pattern like a Girdle Bug, Bitch Creek, Yuk Bug or Pat’s Rubber Leg, with a beadhead nymph trailed behind it has been consistently successful. Also try fishing a double dry fly rig with a smaller dry like a Purple Haze trailed 10-12" off of a larger dry fly or hopper pattern Concentrate on fishing the more active water and currents. Fish water other than the banks. For dry fly action, larger mayflies have been coming off on most days. Look for BWOs to come off on the cooler and overcast weather days. With cooler weather as we move into fall, look for streamer fishing to pick up, particularly on poor weather days.