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It?s that time again!  We are looking for more nominees!  Please send as many as you can think of, we?d love to highlight all of our Hometown Heroes.

We?re not looking for super heroes?just someone that makes a difference in other?s lives.  Maybe it?s the guy that helped your son build a derby car or the volunteer that helped tutor your little girl in reading or the grocery clerk that always carries out your groceries.  It?s the little things, the kind and encouraging words that warm our hearts.

ABC6/FOX4 has a program to honor all of our everyday heroes.  Because of the line of work you?re in, we were wondering if you have any leads for us or any nominees we could feature on these segments.  Below is a short description of what we?re aiming for with the program.  We appreciate your time and look forward to any possible nominations.

Hometown Heroes aren?t  just servicemen and women, but people that have served in law enforcement,  emergency services or fire fighters, nurses, teachers?anyone who has gone beyond the call for our community. If you know of a hero, please let us know.  We?ll feature selected persons in a 90 second vignette on ABC-Six and Fox Four, plus the vignette will be posted on yourbigsky.com.
Whether you're in Montana or Wyoming, submit your nominee for Hometown Heroes on the form below.

Here?s a quick look at the information we?d like to receive for each nominee:

Name: _______________________________________________________________
Age: _______________________________________________________________
Photo (optional): Attach if sending standard mail
Contact information: _________________________________________________________________
Hometown (not everyone is originally from Billings so where are they originally from and when did Billings become their current ?hometown?): _______________________________________________________________
General occupation (what they do everyday): _______________________________________________________________
Hero status (what makes him/her a Hometown Hero): _______________________________________________________________
If they are a service member- branch of service, years of service, rank: _______________________________________________________________

If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call 406-652-4743. Fill out the form below, or send your entry to:

Hometown Heroes
ABC 6 / FOX 4
445 South 24th Street W
Billings, Montana 59102

Hometown Hero Submission

Nominate someone outstanding in the community who deserves recognition to be a hometown hero!

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