Best Baby Age?

How much fun is a 4-6 month old baby?  I just love this age, and if you have a baby of your own, you probably know what I mean.  I call this age a chia baby!  They are just perfect and low maintenance like the chia pet. 

Think about it, this precious aged baby only requires watering, i.e. they just drink - no real food yet, so no meal planning or mess to clean up.  They don't move , so you know where they are at all times, no looking for them under foot, or worrying if they will be home on time. They sleep for at least 6-8 hours at night (those early months were much more exhausting) and typically wake up with a smile on their face.  

When you talk to this age baby they smile, babble and laugh at whatever you say.  They think you are funny and clever (not always the case during their teen years), even when you might not be.  A 4 month old baby packs up easily and can travel, just like moving a chia pet from one window sill to another.  (wait till toddlerhood and trying to convince the same child to sit still on a plane).   

I am always ready to take a 4 month old baby home with me for a few days.  I tell the parents at the 4 month check up that I will gladly babysit . I just wish I could keep a 4-6 month old baby around at all times.  I do believe that this stage of infancy is God's gift to parenting.   

Don't worry, there are many different stages in a child's life that are also special and perfect, but this is just the first one. This stage is well worth the first months of sleep deprivation and exhaustion!  If you have a younger baby, hang in there, it's getting ready to get really fun!


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