Life Changing Words

What are the words that a child first speaks that changes everything??  Can you guess?   The first word that a child learns that is truly life changing for a parent is the word NO!  I have so many parents that have told me they are not going to use the word.....well how do you think you can go through parenting without saying NO?   

There are a lot of words that connote the same meaning, such as, I would prefer that you didn't do that, or that was not a good choice.  But the word NO is powerful and necessary as a parent, and a child quickly learns the power of the word as well. 

It is really cute when your child first kind of understands the power of NO.  Think about how many times a day a baby/toddler shakes their head NO. It really doesn't matter what you ask them, their first inclination is to shake their heads NO. Do you want ice cream? NO.  Do you want to go to the zoo? NO.  The list is endless.  But, it is very cute as they start to figure out the difference between NO and YES.

The next life changing word, MINE!!  Suddenly a child learns about being possessive and they have a word for it. No longer are they just tugging at the toy they want, or holding their favorite stuffed animal or pacifier. When you try to take it away they say... MINE.  WOW... another powerful word.

Now, pause for a moment in development. What comes next?  Your child learns to link two words together (which is very important during the toddler years) and suddenly they blurt out...NO MINE.

Life is never the same again!!!! 

Let me know if you agree....and if your baby is under out this phase is coming. 

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