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DETROIT (AP) — Attorneys representing sexual-assault victims of a former University of Michigan sports doctor are asking a judge to approve a settlement fund, a key step in a $490 million deal between the school and more than 1,000 people.

The settlement between the school and victims of the late Dr. Robert Anderson was announced in January, but there has been no public activity.

A request was filed under seal Monday in Detroit federal court, seeking the establishment of a “survivors settlement fund” and the appointment of someone to oversee the fund.

“The documents are currently under seal and I cannot comment on them,” attorney Richard Schulte, lead negotiator for victims, said Thursday. “The settlement is progressing overall. We are hopeful we’ll have more concrete news in the near future.”

Anderson died in 2008 after working at the university for nearly 40 years. He was director of the campus Health Service and a physician for multiple sports teams, including football.

Former athletes, students and others who had no connection to the university — mostly men — said they were molested by Anderson during routine physicals or other visits.

Coaches, trainers and other staff in the athletic department did not question Anderson’s status, despite complaints, rumors and even jokes among athletes about his behavior, according to a report commissioned by the school.

The settlement is one of several by universities following sex abuse scandals. Michigan State University paid $500 million to settle claims from more than 300 women and girls who said they were assaulted by Larry Nassar, a campus sports doctor and a doctor for USA Gymnastics.


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