Back in 2005, The NASCAR Foundation declared the third Friday in May to be NASCAR Day. According to, the day was started as a way to raise funds for children’s welfare while celebrating the history, racers, and community around NASCAR. This year, NASCAR is launching their first-ever giveathon to celebrate their 75th anniversary. 75 years is a long time for anything to be around for, which is why we want to show you how it was founded.

NASCAR, which stands for the National Association of Stock Car Racing, was founded in 1948. According to the NASCAR website, founder Bill France Sr. first came up with the idea in December of 1947 and the first race was held on Feb 15th, 1948. The first race was held at Daytona Beach, FL where the headquarters of NASCAR still is today.

February, 1959 is when the first Daytona 500 was held. It took over two and half days to find out who had actually won the race due to an extremely close photo finish. The first live 500-mile NASCAR race wasn’t broadcasted until the Daytona 500 of 1979, 20 years after the race first began. After this began the rise of all-star racers like Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt and Jeff Gordon.

In 2003, NASCAR actually created a Research and Development Center to help research ways to increase safety and competition in Nascar races. 2010 also brought the creation of the NASCAR Hall of Fame and its first set of inductees. Today, NASCAR sanctions over 1,500 races that take place in the US, Canada, Europe, and Brazil. February 2022 introduced the next generation of cars for use, bringing a whole new level of competition to this storied sport.

The NASCAR Giveathon ends today at 8pm, and all of the details are available at Then even after NASCAR Day, you can catch NASCAR races on FOX. Check our TV Schedule to see when you can catch the next big race!