Wade Strand grew up in Laurel, MT, after graduating joined the Navy for four years. After leaving the Navy, he married Ginger and began his twenty plus year journey into the heating and cooling world.

What is Arrowseal and what do they do?

In the past, a homeowner’s only option for sealing ductwork was hand sealing, which is a combination of applying mastic (a putty-like substance) which hardens and seals ductwork, along with metal adhesive tape. But hand sealing has two major drawbacks. It is dependent upon access, which means if a technician can’t reach the ductwork, it can’t be sealed. And because of excessive temperatures in attics, the adhesive on the metal tape will break down over time, leaving the cracks in your ductwork re-exposed.

Seeing a need for a change, in the late 90’s a new technology was created called Aeroseal. This revolutionary product works from inside the ductwork to seal leaks making it easy to administer and highly effective at sealing all leaks, including those hidden behind walls or under insulation. Aeroseal is made of a non-toxic polymer and can reduce the amount of leakage in ducts by as much as 90%, reducing dust and other indoor air pollutants.

We use the most effective, affordable, and viable methods for saving you money while reducing energy consumption. From our initial consultation to installation and maintenance, you won’t find a company more committed to serving you well and saving energy in your home. Our process is commissioned by the U.S. Department of Energy and EPA approved.

Leaks pull pollutants into the air we breathe. Nearly 50% of your energy bill is spent on heating and air conditioning and 30 cents for every dollar is lost due to leaking ducts. With a 10 year warranty, Arrowseal can improve indoor air quality, allow your HVAC system to work as intended and heat or cool your home evenly.

Many home efficiency and comfort problems don’t stem from your furnace or air conditioner, but rather the ductwork that delivers conditioned air to your home. Sealing ductwork can help:

  • Reduce energy usage and high energy bills
  • Fix uncomfortably hot or cold rooms
  • Reduce humidity
  • Reduce the need to clean your ductwork

Arrowseal is a locally owned and Veteran operated business

Contact Wade at 406.413.8437   or go to Arrowseal.net for more information.


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