Infiniti has seen its sales slide in recent years due to a dearth of new product, but the automaker plans a new model offensive in the years ahead and on Tuesday provided a taste of what’s to come.

Nissan’s premium brand held an event in Tokyo, where it announced plans for four new models, three of them representing new product lines.

The four included a redesigned QX80, a coupe-like crossover to be called the QX65, and an electric hatchback and electric crossover.

The first to arrive will be the redesigned QX80 which was previewed in August by the QX Monograph concept. Infiniti said the new QX80 will reach showrooms next year.

Infiniti QX Monograph conceptInfiniti QX Monograph concept

Timing for the other models wasn’t mentioned but the QX65 is likely to be the next arrival after the QX80. This will be a mid-size crossover with coupe-like styling, with its underpinnings likely shared with the QX60 mid-size SUV. It’s similar to how Infiniti sells the QX50 compact crossover together with a coupe-like version dubbed the QX55.

The first of the EVs will be the electric hatchback. It was previewed on Tuesday by the Vision Qe concept, and according to information detailed at a dealer meeting last summer it will start sales in 2026. The electric crossover, which will be previewed by a concept called the Vision QXe, is expected to start sales in 2027, according to information from the same dealer meeting. Both EVs were teased in 2022, when they were confirmed by Infiniti for production at Nissan’s plant in Canton, Mississippi. Related Nissan models will also be built at the plant.

Infiniti Vision Qe conceptInfiniti Vision Qe concept

The lack of new product at Infiniti has hurt the automaker at a time when sales of luxury vehicles have boomed. Infiniti’s U.S. sales fell to 46,619 units in 2022, which was the lowest since 1992, when the brand was just three years old. The automaker has set itself a target of achieving 100,000 annual sales later this decade with the arrival of the new models in combination with a more modern design for its retail outlets.

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