Rocky Vista University is an impressive, health-sciences institution of higher learning with an innovative state-of-the-art simulation center, patient rooms, interactive and modern learning classrooms, a yoga studio, a culinary kitchen for learning optimal health food preparation and a large library.

The modern kitchen not only provides a place for students to gather for a meal, but also serves as a kitchen to learn nutritional eating.
Dr. Moore demonstrates the interactive training ER.

The Montana College of Osteopathic Medicine proudly has the distinction of being the first four-year medical school and will welcome the first class in July 2023.

Dr. Moore is proud of the interactive emergency room to prepare future D.O. students for real-world practice.

According to Dr. Moore, most Osteopathic physicians practice in primary care.

RVU offers an interactive approach to teaching students.

RVU campuses are now in Colorado, Utah and Billings, Montana.

The Rocky Vista University’s campus in Billings sits on 12.8 acres.

It houses a 138,000 square foot technologically advanced medical education building including a well-equipped fitness center, “great room” learning classrooms where students have a chance to talk face-to-face about their current lessons and practice talking and thinking out serving patients.

Each RVU student will have their own personal ultrasound machine.

“Osteopathic physicians have the same amount of education as a M.D. with the respect and practice between physical structure and organic function,” said Dr. Moore. “We have the additional skills of practicing medicine using our hands, and we can manipulate abnormalities in the body to relieve pain.”

RVU is owned by RVU Holdings, Inc., an indirect subsidiary of Medforth Global Healthcare Education Group, LP and Bear Holdings, LP and offers three programs: Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO), Master of Physician Assistant Students (MPAS), and Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences.

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