Protecting and serving is now made smarter, not harder, by using drones to assist officers.

Law enforcement budgets and recruitment efforts have had trouble keeping pace with rising crime rates, particularly violent crimes. That’s why law enforcement agencies, including the Billings Police Department, are investing in tailor-made fleet programs to assist their personnel in the situations in which they most frequently engage. 

Thermal drone now being used by the BPD.

These fleets will never replace the brave men and women who put their lives on the line.

Thermal images in different heat intensities can be seen using drone technology.
Billings Police Lt. Shelden explains the high-tech help drones give officers in many situations.

“They do provide rapid deployment, tactical support, and real-time information to assist in fatal vehicle crashes, lost people and getting a valuable look into possible suspect vehicles for weapons,” said Lt. Shelden.

Billings Police Department’s newest tool: different types of drones for specific law enforcement purposes.

The drones will assist in a number of police activities, according to Officer Stovall.

Officer Stovall of the BPD drone program.

“It will be especially useful in search and rescues,”Officer Stovall said.

BPD employs drones for search and rescue and gathering suspect information in active police situations.