Search and rescue (SAR) missions are consistently at the top of the list for the most important drone use by the BPD.

The drones have proven to be invaluable assets during missing person operations and disasters like floods, and power outages. Drones allow the BPD to cover large search grids quickly compared to what’s possible with traditional ground teams.
The drones are a very important safety tool for searching potential criminal vehicles and crime scenes.
They are also much more cost-effective and quicker to deploy than conventional police air support helicopters and the ability to livestream footage back to central command, allows control officers to conduct searches remotely without the need for physical presence on-site which helps with Officer safety.

Lt. Shane Shelden said the department is currently training more officers to get their drones licenses in hopes of building up the drone program even more.

But, the drone Officers and their “eye in the sky” are already a huge success and a life-saving, crime fighting tool.