Update Tuesday, December 13, 2022 12:00pm: The BPD responded quickly and successfully in investigating the latest threat again Senior High School in Billings.

Lt. Matt Lennick tells Billings Beat that each threat will be investigated “to our fullest capacity..”

“Police Department would like to remind the public that when using social media, the comments or information one puts out can have a lasting effect.  It is important to use caution about what personal information you put out or the statements one makes.  As far as the social media threats that have been occurring recently within our community the public should know that we take each one seriously and they will be investigated to our fullest capabilities and criminal charges will be filed if applicable.  If anyone observes something that they deem threatening or in violation of law they are encouraged to report it to the Police Department.  The Billings School District and the Billings Police SRO’s works with their students under the “See something, Say Something” program which encourages students to let adults know about threats they see on social media'” said Lt. Lennick.

The BPD reports there was a threat at Senior High School in Billings.

Police officers report a Senior High student reported a social media post from another student threatening to shoot up Senior. Police investigated and found the threat was substantiated and the student was arrested and charged with intimidation and remanded to Youth Services. 

Sgt. Chaney states there is no further or current threats to the schools.