Congrats Rick Hamilton on a very impressive win in the ribs BBQ competition hosted by Famous Dave’s in Billings.

The competition brought in competitors from around the country and a pro level of BBQ and taste.

The Hamilton family takes pride in making the best ribs you’ll ever have and they do it all right here in Montana.

“We are the Hamilton family – Montanans born and raised. We are a competitive BBQ team, makers of BBQ rubs, and the guys behind BBQ Hero.

We started doing BBQ competitions in the early 2000’s. The first competition we went to was in Worland, Wyoming. We loaded up everything in a stock trailer and looked like the Beverly Hillbillies rolling into town. A couple of years ago we decided to make Montana Outlaw BBQ rubs. It took several trials and errors to get the perfect blends, but none of our friends ever complained about being taste testers,” said Montana Outlaws BBQ of Billings.

“We want to share the love of cooking and get people together to eat. We hope to guide you in your cooking adventures, we’ll focus on barbecuing, of course, but we’ll look at all different kinds of grilling and smoking. Our mission is to ignite a passion for BBQ … that brings people together and inspires impactful family and community values.”

Rick Hamilton of Montana Outlaw Barbeque

We offer championship rubs and share outlaw-style recipes for BBQ enthusiasts to bring family and friends together.

189.7083Kurt Mueller (Ironhead Barbeque)Chicken: 86.625Ribs: 88.75Wildcard: 93.75
287.75Kimberly Misko (Patti’s Pit Stop)Chicken: 86.625Ribs: 83.375Wildcard: 93.25
386.2917Paul Foottit (Checkered Flag BBQ)Chicken: 81.125Ribs: 82.375Wildcard: 95.375
486.0417Rick Hamilton (Montana Outlaw BBQ)Chicken: 81.25Ribs: 89.625Wildcard: 87.25


186.625Kimberly Misko (Patti’s Pit Stop)
286.625Kurt Mueller (Ironhead Barbeque)
381.25Rick Hamilton (Montana Outlaw BBQ)
481.125Paul Foottit (Checkered Flag BBQ)


189.625Rick Hamilton (Montana Outlaw BBQ)
288.75Kurt Mueller (Ironhead Barbeque)
383.375Kimberly Misko (Patti’s Pit Stop)
482.375Paul Foottit (Checkered Flag BBQ) 


195.375Paul Foottit (Checkered Flag BBQ)
293.75Kurt Mueller (Ironhead Barbeque)
393.25Kimberly Misko (Patti’s Pit Stop)
487.25Rick Hamilton (Montana Outlaw BBQ)