The RC Street Outlaws of Billings are holding the 2nd annual Big Sky Shootout, presented by Denny Menholt CarMart 360! It’s excitement, speed, and skill like no other competitive sport. This race is for some of the most expensive and well-built radio controlled cars on the planet! It’s a “big boy toy” so-to-speak, but the RC lovers are all ages.

This isn’t just like any radio control car you can buy at any department or retail store; these are highly sophisticated and specifically designed for extreme speed and precision. These race cars may be small, but they are extremely fast and can get up to 80 miles per hour in just 132 feet! This is a huge event for the local RC community. Enthusiasts are coming from across the country and Canada to compete for cash and bragging rights. “RC racing is for everyone.

There’s an excitement and intrigue about controlling and operating these super-fast cars,” Abell Hobby Owner, John Hahn said. “This event is a takeoff of the tv series with the same name. They race their cars at night and we’re going to host our race to mimic the tv show.” 

There is open practice Friday, August 12 at 7pm. And the big action starts on Saturday, August 13 at 5:15pm when the track opens for warm up, and at 7:00pm the races begin! 

The sport has become so popular recently, that there are multiple social media streams so you can tune in and watch the action too. Use this FB Link: and Both are links to the live streams. And follow the RC Street Outlaws of Billings on Facebook for more info! 

Abell Hobby is located at 1125 Monad Road in Billings. This year’s epic Big Sky Shootout is at Carmart 360.