There’s nothing quite as special as the unique and unbreakable relationship between a mother and her daughter, but when you combine that with working together in a restaurant it’s inspirational and admirable.

Natasha Leach and her mom have worked for Taco John’s for decades.

Natasha Leach is the Training Supervisor for all four Taco John’s restaurants in Billings.

Natasha Leach says working with people who feel like family is the key to a happy workplace. She’s been working at Taco John’s since she was 14 and now supervises training at all four Billings restaurants.

She started working with her Mom in one of the local stores when she was just 14. “My mom was my boss and now I’m hers,” said Leach.

There has been so much business discussion in recent years about finding good workers to hire.
Natasha and her Mom represent the best part of the workforce for any company and that is generations of one family devoting their lives to their jobs.

Natasha is proud of Taco John’s newest taco sensation, the Cheddar Crunch Taco.

She says there are two different club crunches in both beef and chicken. That makes Taco John’s doubly popular with the new Cheddar Crunch Taco and pride in its generations of fans who are also employees.