Mary Whitecrane officially surrendered to law enforcement in the Billings Heights.

The standoff ended around 10pm peacefully and she has been taken to a local hospital for a mental and physical evaluation, according to Billings police Lt. Lennick.

Billings Breaking Anchor Mary Beth Dickson reports on the surrender.

UPDATE 9:52pm:

The wounded police officer is out of surgery and in stable condition at a local hospital, according to Lt. Matt Lennick.

The suspect is still not surrendering.
Police have now removed both sides of her mobile home and drones are in the air above her home trying to get as much information as possible according to Lt. Lennick.

Billings Police and multiple other law enforcement agencies are on a standoff in the Billings Heights.

BPD using drones to see suspect in house. The small green lights in the sky are drones using thermal imaging.

The standoff is on Birch Lane, which is now closed for an active scene.

One police officer was shot and went into surgery Saturday afternoon and is listed in stable condition. The officers name has not been released.

The scene continues to evolve and officers continue attempting to make contact with the suspect who remains barricaded and firing at Officers.

Officers responded to a complaint of a suspect shooting out of their residence into neighboring residences. BPD SWAT is on scene. Please avoid the area at this time, Lt. Lennick said.