Billings City administrator Chris Kukulski has been working long days and spending a lot of time making sure everything is coming together for the new law and justice center to house the municipal court, city attorneys and prosecutors, and the police Department.

The Stillwater building has much more room. In fact, there are five floors in the former federal courthouse. 

The Yellowstone County government currently leases the third floor, and that lease expires in May of 2025.

The plan is to move all city offices to the Stillwater Building. It’s located in the heart of downtown Billings at 316 N. 26th Street. 

All city departments will be housed there including Parks, Finance, Municipal Court, City Attorney, Code Enforcement, Parking, Police Department, Community Development, Public Works, Planning, City Council Chambers, the mayor’s office, Human Resources, Administration as well as the City Clerk and IT.

Kukulski says the project is on time and on budget with the move in set for early 2023.