WOW! That’s how you win! The Billings Outlaws had an answer for every play the Tropics tried Monday night at their home opener.

Team owner, Steve Titus, is thrilled with the huge win and said it proves the first loss to the Omaha Beef was an anomaly.

Billings Outlaws owner Steve Titus is proud of the team playing as “one.”

QB Vincent Espinoza said much the same after the game. He tells Billings Beat his team plays together and wins together.

Billings Outlaws QB Vincent Espinoza
LB Dylan Donahue made one huge play after another with incredible sacks that thrilled the crowd.

The final score is 66-27 Outlaws. The MetraPark was an incredible show house for the Outlaws with all of the boxes filled with dedicated fans.

Head Coach Kerry Locklin knows his team is a powerhouse. He’s well-respected by fans and players and it showed during Monday’s big win.
Outlaws fans love to see their team win and cheered them on from the stands.
Home of the Outlaws ABC FOX News Anchor Mary Beth Dickson and Outlaws Owner Steve Titus enjoying the home opener big win at the MetraPark Monday night.
Titus is a hands-on, personable and intelligent team owner. He’s available to the players and coaches and keeps the team synergy at a high.
LB Dylan Donahue signed last week and did not disappoint in the home opener. He’s a star who delivered punishing sacks against the Tropics.