The formerly known “Shrine Auditorium” on Braodwater Avenue officially has a new name.

The Native American Development Corporation (NADC) has officially renamed the Shrine Auditorium building and surrounding property on Broadwater Avenue the “Eagle Seeker Community Center” making the announcement Monday, January 23rd.

The property, which the NADC purchased last fall, comprises a 50,000 square-foot main building with an auditorium and several large rooms and features a separate shop and parking lot that is on site and covers five acres.

NADC’s mission is to provide opportunities and resources to the community it serves. By purchasing the Shrine building, NADC will be able to expand its services and provide a place for the community to gather, collaborate and grow. From the start, this has been the vision of NADC founder and CEO, Leonard Smith, Jr. Therefore, it is fitting that NADC’s Board of Directors have chosen to honor and provide a legacy to Leonard Smith, Jr., according to Maddison Wilhite, Marketing and Communications Coordinator.