We’ll go with the spectacular blood moon rising, shortly before the polls open on Election Day next Tuesday, November 8, as a good energy boost!

“You will be able to see the copper-red moon with the naked eye,” NASA said. The entire eclipse will unfold before sunrise on November 8, 2022 which is general election day.

The cosmic event happens when the sun, earth and moon perfectly align and the only sunlight to reach the lunar surface passes through our planet’s atmosphere.  

The amount of dust on our planet’s atmosphere at that time creates the red moon – sometimes more or less red depending on the amount of dust.

If you’re someone who loves the rare lunar eclipse, its peak totality when the moon is entirely in earth’s shadow will happen at approximately 3:50am Montana time (Mountain time zone) and 5:50 ET.

It’s worth losing a little sleep and setting your alarm to experience this amazing event because the next one won’t be until 2025.