Why are board games popular? 

Board games are popular for many different reasons and they’re just downright good old fashioned fun!

Which games do you have in your board game and puzzle collection?

There are the tried and true favs for all ages including Monopoly, checkers, Operation and Connect 4.

The popularity of STEM in schools has brought in a whole new generation of brain teasers and hours of fun!

There is no question that board games are enjoying a surge in popularity. In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for board games both online and offline.

One of the most popular trends in global board games market right now is co-operative games. These are games where players work together to achieve a common goal.

They are often more complex than competitive games, and can take longer to play.

This makes them ideal for families who want to bond over a game together. Apart from this, global board games market is witnessing growth in popularity of dice-based games.
These are games that rely on dice rolls to determine outcomes.
So, promise yourself you’ll revisit your favs and have a fun, entertaining and great Friday night game board fest!