Though we’re all about our favorite reusable water bottle, we also know how much we all love fancy shmancy boutique bottled water sold just about everywhere these days.

There are so many choices for bottled water now, how do you know you’re getting the one you think tastes the best? At the best cost?

10 different brands were evaluated by flavor, aroma, texture, and finish of each, giving them a score out of a possible 100.

Did yours hit the top 10?

Here are the most popular, did yours make the list?

  1. Roundy’s Purified Drinking Water – 99/100
  2. Fiji – 98/100
  3. Smartwater – 93/100
  4. Smeraldina – 92/100
  5. Evian – 90/100
  6. Naleczowianka – 89/100
  7. Aquafina – 84/100
  8. Ice Mountain – 81/100
  9. Dasani – 70/100
  10. Propel – 69/100

The survey was conducted by Brit + Co with some reflections on why people actually have a favorite bottled water.

“A good bottled water shouldn’t have any off-putting aromas or flavors, that would be an automatic negative.”