The Billings Police Department reports it is, in fact, keeping a vigilant watch on the areas of town hit by recent crime.

“The Police department is aware of all of the activity on the rims.  The section of the rims that is west of the 27th street roundabout is where the majority of our problem activity is coming from, partially because this section is not currently  considered a “city park” and therefore is not governed by the same regulations as the east end of the Rims, ” said BPD Lt. Matt Lennick.

The BPD is asking for city citizens to report any suspicious activity. “The police department would recommend the city to be vigilant while utilizing the rims and to please report anything illegal or suspicious so we can best deal with the issue.  We are keeping a close eye on the calls for service related to this area and attempting to allocate appropriate resources as needed,” said Lt. Lennick.

Lt. Lennick did say the BPD does not consider the Rims to be a frequently used place for the homeless or those living in their vehicles as of late.