What may seem like a significant increase in crime, including homicide, assault and theft according to BPD Lt. Matt Lennick is, “…all in all..” close to the past few prior years in numbers.

BPD Officer James Catlin on patrol.

Here is a current 2022 crime and numbers breakdown:

17 Homicide (5 justified, 12 criminal)

340 Assault with a weapon

105 Sexual intercourse without consent

521 Simple assault (misdemeanor)

144 Resisting arrest

337 Burglary: 187 Residential, 21 Business and 7 Aggravated burglaries and 721 Motor Vehicle theft.

125 Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

These are the number of offenses reported and listed in Billings Police Officers case reports for 2022. 
Although the official report has not yet been released, Lt. Lennick tells Billings Beat those should be the numbers that come out in the 2022 annual report.   

Compared to 2021’s report, with some numbers slightly higher and a couple lower, all in all they are in the ballpark as the year prior,” said Lt. Lennick

The homicide number is higher than in 2021, but not to far off from 2020.  

According to Lt. Lennick, the remainder of the numbers are still being tabulated for the release of the annual report.

BPD will begin using drones to fight crime to keep Officers and citizens safer.

In an exciting announcement, the BPD will begin using drones in crime fighting, including a DJI Avata Pro, which will help officers and the public be more safe.

The Billings Police Department will begin using drone technology in crime fighting in 2023.