We’ve had a record heat stretch in August and part of September in Billings and surrounding counties. While the autumn is a beautiful season, we’re coming into leaves falling and winds blowing.

Firefighters are asking everyone to do some easy and quick fireproofing. In fact, a detached garage, an RV, car and shed quickly went up in flames in Laurel Monday, as firefighters were just getting a huge blaze in Livingston under control.

The recent hot and dry weather stretch in Billings and surrounding counties past month have left vegetation dry.

Firefighters and law enforcement are asking you to check around your home, garage and shed for any dry grasses that could easily ignite and any flammables and clear them.

Easy and quick fireproofing tips include removing any dry vegetation and buying a fire extinguisher. You should move your lawnmower and fuel to basement or garage and don’t use barbecue and fire pits if the weather is very dry.