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Every high school graduating class can consider itself unique.
You walk into ninth grade unsure and uneasy, and you walk out of 12th grade thinking now you can go and make your future what you want it to be; it can include going to college, basic training or the real-world workforce.

But the class of 2023 definitely IS unique. It’s the first graduating class to make it through the years of the Covid-19 pandemic from freshman to senior year.

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(AP, File) High School Seniors walk to receive their diploma.

Everything about life, and school, changed quickly with complete shutdowns of sports, live entertainment, community events and in-person classrooms.
It was also a big transition to a new online, virtual education. And the never ending question, “Where can I find a mask?”

These graduating seniors are AMAZING.

Their sophomore year was a continuation of virtual education from home, or a mix of learning from home in the first half of the school year then transitioning back to school amid masks, social distancing and positive COVID tests that sent them home again under quarantine for 10 days.

Their junior year was an uneasy entry back to school full-time but with continued changes such as teachers leaving, classmates struggling, and a drastic worldwide shift.
Things appeared normal their senior year, but there were occasional mask restrictions, cases of COVID of Covid but those challenges are behind them.

These teens have learned one of the most valuable lessons in life, “The only constant is change.”

They will make this works stronger, more vibrant abs creative. They have skills like no other graduating class can claim; the sheer will to survive and succeed.