It’s exciting, engaging and the utimate in youth dancing competitions!

It’s the Precision Arts Challenge and the host of the original PAC Attack Challenge™, which is a kids’ dance competition where you learn as a competitor, find inspiration as a dancer, and are applauded as an artist. It’s being held at the Montana Pavilion April 28-30.

At Precision Arts Challenge, National Dance Competition, you will find yourself surrounded and supported by our PAC CREW — all experienced dance competition performers themselves.  Our priority is to host an organized and stress free event so you are able to relax and enjoy your children on stage. 

AGE DIVISIONS – All ages are as of January 1st.


There are new age rules in 2023 – The Average Age Rule: Duet/Trio and Groups ages are configured by adding the ages of all the contestants as of January 1st and then by dividing by the number of contestants.

If there is a decimal, round down to the nearest whole number and drop the decimal. Names, ages, and birth dates of all dancers must appear on the entry form or it will not be accepted.

Mini : 5 and under

Petite: 6-8 years

Junior: 9-10 years

Pre-Teen: 11-12 years

Teen : 13-15 years

Senior: 16-19 years

Adults: 20 or more years for more info!