The NWS service is issuing an extreme cold warning for many cities in Montana including Billings.

The forecast for Thursday morning has a probability of temps dropping to -30 degrees in select cities including Billings.

The temperature forecast is dependent upon cloud cover because cloud cover keeps temps warmer but it ican cause frostbite and danger for livestock.

Billings could hit 30 below, Miles City -30, Roundup -30 as well as Livingston and Baker.

The all time coldest temperatures recorded at the Billings airport are:

  1. -38 (Feb 15, 1936)
  2. -35 (Feb 17, 1936)
  3. -33 (Feb 8, 1936)
  4. -32 (Dec 24, 1983)
  5. -30 (Jan 12, 1997/Jan 07, 1937)

The NWS is not expecting Billings to break the all-time coldest temperatures but they are considered extreme and dangerous if you get caught outside or in a disabled vehicle.

Always stay at home or inside if possible.

Elevation is a big factor when it comes to winter temps, the coldest air settles into valleys and some all-time records may in fact be broken across the state.