It may be a little snowy and chilly in Billings to wear a dress today, but observing National Dress Day can also mean reflecting on memorable events and your very dearest memories wearing a beautiful dress.

Beautiful wedding dresses on display

Dresses have been worn for hundreds of years.
Today, fashion choices are limitless. Want to wear a tuxedo suit dress? Go for it! Or, a full floor length princess dress covered in beautiful beadwork? Do it!

A black dress or jumpsuit skirt can be easily dressed up by adding a belt, jean jacket, blazer, heels and bold jewelry.

There hasn’t always been such a wide variety of options for women. From the days of petticoats and corsets to Dior’s New Look in the 1950s, the dress has evolved dramatically and so has the confidence of anyone who wears one. You can chose from a variety of shapes and designs. From long, mini, fit, and flare to the ball gown and A-line.

Marilyn Monroe preferred dresses and kept them in vogue for any occasion.

There’s a fashion statement reserved especially for the dress- it says elegance, class and a level of poise and pride at any event.