Eating Healthy and Enjoying Every Bite!

Learn how to prep and take home a complete meal, 800 calories or less!

Join Dr. Katherine Dietrich with Discreet Reductions and Chef Jeremy Evans for this fun prep and take meal class! Instruction includes the benefits of healthy eating. You will also learn that cooking an entire tasty meal (including dessert!) can be accomplished with 800 calories or less.

This is a PREP and TAKE HOME class.
You will be prepping:
Phad Thai chicken, Winter Berry Vinaigrette Salad, and Apple Crisp.
Participants need to bring their own cutting board and knife and be sure to bring along your apron too!

Food containers are included in the cost of the class.

You’ll be going home with a delicious meal and your completed meal will serve two people.

You will continue the food fun and prep at home and finish preparing your meal in your own home; You’ll be looking like a pro chef!

Wine or unsweetened iced tea served compliments of Liberty & Vine Country Store during class.
Class size is limited to 20 adults. Due to the various cutting of foods involved, children are not permitted. Total cost is $69.

Tickets for Eating Healthy and Enjoying Every Bite can be booked here.