The Billings Outlaws performed like a smooth running machine! All the hard work they have put in this season is clearly paying off.

The Outlaws systematically took down the Topeka Tropics play after play. It was definitely #2 D’Nerius Antoine’s night. He answered every spiral and anyone who got in his way!!

In just a matter of weeks, the Outlaws have come together to make a seasoned, confident and punishing team.

The hallmark of the Tropics game, as it has been in prior games, is the ultimate respect the Outlaws players have for themselves, their teammates and their competitor. They’re first-class players and have created an incredible momentum and rhythm of great football.

In contrast, the Topeka Topeka looked worn out and dazed against the Outlaws. And that pace remained throughout the game.

It’s impossible to stop Jeff Luc and Victor Martinelli who keep taking down players in very physical tackles. Every Outlaws rivalry has been a hard-hitting game and the match up against the Tropics was no different. And, yet, the Outlaws looked like they had been playing together for many seasons. They looked polished, strategic and completely dominate.

Don’t miss the home game next week at the MetraPark when the Outlaws take on the Gillette Mustangs.