Billings’ West End is popping with newly built businesses! Langlas & Associates, Inc. is building a new business complex near Grand Avenue and 38th Street. A new restaurant is opening next month nearby “Cork & Barrel.” 

The restaurant is an upscale bar atmosphere featuring fine wines and steaks. The business complex is across from the Cork & Barrel.

Langlas Superintendent David Loran tells Billings Beat the new stores include five adjoining spaces in varying sizes.

“The same color scheme is the Shiloh Commons,” Loran said.

Loran says the ultra-modern and sleek look of the new business complex compliments the area with the same modern yet warm feeling. “It’s coming together very well. Billings is going to enjoy this location and brand-new buildings. We’ve already had three of the spaces purchased and there are only two available now. They are the largest businesses per square feet,” Loran said. “It speaks well of the Billings community that businesses are going up and such high quality too. We’re proud and really excited about opening all of them,” Loran said.

The businesses that are moving into the business complex include, among them, a hair salon and physical therapy. They are expected to open in the next few months.