There have not been any other reported explosions or a debris field identified in Billings. That means, if it was a military action caught on video, there hadn’t been any action by the US or retaliatory action outside of the US.

Yellowstone County Sheriff Mike Linder confirming the video taken by Billings resident Dolly Mills-Moore is legitimate.

“We made contact with the person who posted the video, which we believe to be legitimate. Just what the video shows is difficult to determine.”

There have not been any other reports of explosions or military interventions over the skies in Billings or elsewhere around the state.

The Pentagon continues to monitor a Chinese High altitude balloon now in South Carolina and President Biden stated Saturday morning the US will “take care of it.”

FAA now grounding planes in South Carolina in anticipation that the US. may try to bring down the balloon once over the ocean. The U.S. may use a high powered canon to blow holes in the balloon and have it slowly float to the ocean.

The sensor package on the balloon is the size of a school bus. It will take time to get out of the ocean and study the sensor board.

UPDATE: “We are aware of the video shared on Twitter and claims of a “massive explosion” over Billings. However, our PD, Fire & airport have NOT been called to any incidents related to this video and there haven’t been any plane crashes picked up on radar,” stated the City of Billings Friday night 6:45pm.


“This is what I just video recorded over my house in Billings MT. I believe something may have been shot down. I was at my home desk and a jet zoomed past, I grabbed my phoned, took pics and a few videos not sure what is happening!” said Dolly Moore in Billings.

Video posted on Twitter by Dolly Moore in Billings of massive explosion in the sky over Billings.

ABC FOX News Billings Beat is reporting an explosion caught on video by Billings woman. We are gathering information and will update immediately.