“The boys are back in town… see ya’ll Monday night @Metrapark,” said Dylan Donahue after signing with the Billings Outlaws announced Wednesday, March 15th, 2023.

“I’m beyond excited that Dylan is coming back for another round with the Outlaws. When I first came to Billings a year ago to takeover operations of the team, he was the first guy I talked to,” said Outlaws Owner Steve Titus.

“I’ve learned so much from Dylan about Billings and the dynamics of our team. We are truly grateful to have him back for another year. I trust Dylan to get the job done and be a pivotal component for our 2023 championship run,” said Titus.

Donahue is currently living in Billings, Montana so it makes it great for him and the team. He brings another level of football skill, professionalism and enthusiasm to the Outlaws.

His Dad, Mitch Donahue, started with the Billings Thunderbolts in 2000 and is a former Billings West graduate who went on to play for Wyoming and then the NFL with the Denver Broncos and San Francisco 49ers.

Now, his son Dylan, joins the Billings Outlaws once again for the 2023 season. The hallmark of a great athlete is self-reflection and self-improvement. Dylan has an intense drive for both. When I asked him why he has decided to sign and play for the Outlaws now, he said “The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.” No truer words have been spoken.

Dylan Donahue tells Billings Beat ABC FOX he is excited about signing with the Outlaws.

Donahue has lived life in and around professional football and Head Coach Kerry Locklin was also part of the New York Jets organization. Donahue played two seasons with the Jets.

Donahue is passionate about the game.

Donahue remembers the days of a winning Outlaws team and wants to bring the success back for the fans and the Billings community. He wants very much to move the team into a championship mentality, and, if anyone can do it – he can.

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