I couldn’t resist bringing you this story.

McDonald’s mascot Grimace celebrates a birthday next week, and the special occasion comes with a first-time treat for customers.

On June 12, fans can order a Grimace Birthday Meal.
Each meal comes with a limited-edition purple shake, inspired by Grimace’s iconic color.

The meal also comes with a choice of a Big Mac sandwich or ten-piece McNugget box and an order of fries.

The purple shake is a first-time menu item and will only be available through the meal.
Customers can order the birthday meal on June 12.

“We know birthdays with McDonald’s hold a special place in our fans’ hearts. Now, we’re inviting
everyone to create new birthday memories with us… this time, in honor of their fuzzy purple bestie,” said McDonald’s.

In addition to the purple shakes, there are a few other ways McDonald’s plan to celebrate Grimace’s birthday launching an exclusive video game. It will be free to play on desktop and mobile beginning June 12.
There’s also super cool merch, like T-shirts and socks! How awesome would a pair of ofgigual Grimace be?!!
Grimace was first introduced to McDonald’s pop culture in the 1970s and ge’s known as one of Ronald McDonald’s best friends.
He is known for his relaxed and optimistic personality.

Celebrate Grimace!