Heat related illness is possible this Labor Day weekend so drink lots of water and wear loose clothing.

We’ve been reporting high heat temperatures for this Labor Day weekend, especially Saturday, but we’ll see a very hot and dry Thursday also. The NWS Billings has now issued high heat warning for extended time and those temps could reach 15 to 20 DEGREES ABOVE AVERAGE.

ELEVATED FIRE DANGER is part of this hot, dry weather. Winds will gust up around 20mph increasing the chance of wildfires. Don’t burn outside and secure vehicle chains.

DRINK LOTS OF WATER. The risk of heat exhaustion is higher. Use lots of full spectrum sunscreen preferably 70 or higher if you’re spending any time outdoors.

This Labor Day weekend heat is even going to be in the mountains. High elevation heat can be hazardous if you are not acclimated, according to the NWS Billings.

The NWS is forecasting an unseasonably strong late season upper-level ridge developing over the Western U.S. that’s bringing an extended period of hot and dry conditions.

It may break some all-time records for latest observed temps of 100 degrees or more as well as all-time September max temps. 

If you start to feel faint or nauseous call for medical help.