Are you getting “Egg-cited” to celebrate Easter?

Spring background with beautiful yellow daffodils (Getty)

We still have weeks before Easter on April 9, but you can’t go anywhere without seeing those delicious, enticing Easter Bunny chocolates and beautiful spring bouquets.

And, if you’re like me, they are more than a welcomed sight, they are essential for the happy and healing Spring and Easter time fun!

Springtime colors and yummy Easter candy treats, adorable Easter outfits, and home decorations are perfect.

And, of course, don’t forget that awesome plastic shredded Easter basket grass.

Ever wonder why Easter is always on a different day? Thank the moon. (Getty)

I rarely put myself in the story, but as a Mom with a son who will be 12 in June, I had to answer the question this year, “Mom, is there really an Easter Bunny?”

No matter what your answer is to a young child, please take whatever stolen moments of innocence, joy and everything in pastel colors you can get! Keep them in your heart!

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We Americans love to celebrate the big holidays and it’s always a big work-up to the magical day with candy and funfair everywhere.

Whether you still believe in the Easter Bunny or not, he sure has done a good job of making wonderful childhood memories and quality time in the family possible.

Happy Easter season!

Any reason to celebrate love, kindness, a fresh start and caring about the other person, especially children, is worth your money, time and BELIEF.

Go ahead and treat yourself to that chocolate covered marshmallow bunny and a bouquet of spring flowers or house plant.

My answer to my son was simply, “Of course there’s an Easter Bunny! And, he wants you to spend it with me, your Mom, for some quality time!!!” Smile, smile, and then a deep sigh.

My Son smiled back at me ,”Okay, Mom. I knew it. And, even if he wasn’t ‘REALLY’ real, I always like going to church and a great lunch with you.”


Please, spend the next few weeks celebrating togetherness in any form.

If you have a little one who wants to see the Easter Bunny in person, he will be hippity-hopping his way to Scheel’s this Saturday and Sunday March 18th & 19th.

Chocolate Easter treats are always the big holiday treat!

Bring your family to meet and take an Easter photo with the Easter Bunny and be sure to
bring your own camera for photos.