Americans love all things delicious!

The great news is, you can have your delicious treats and stay healthy!

Weight loss can be made easier eating “everything in moderation.”

Medical research proves losing 3-5% of your body weight has major health benefits! Tell yourself it’s a great excuse to start small and try some easy food substitutions to help reduce body fat.

For instance, you can still have your McDonald’s Big Mac but get a salad instead of the fries.

If you really get serious about dumping some weight, try diet soda pop, iced tea and flavored water.

The doctors at Mayo Clinic suggest 6 simple ways to lose a little weight; Here they are:

  1. Swap one can of soda for a glass of water
  2. Swap fruit juice for the real deal; fiber in fruit helps digestion
  3. Turn off screens while you eat; Distracted dining can lead to overeating
  4. Keep counters clean (except for fruit); storing high fat food in plain sight was linked to a higher BMI (Body Mass Index.)
  5. Make fruits and veggies easy; Prep ahead for grab-and-go snacks
  6. Turn in earlier; Research shows too little sleep is associated with excess weight, so get your Zzzzzs.

There are many physical benefits to losing weight and weight loss increases self-esteem and helps with mental health too.

Go for it! Don’t be afraid to make a few little diet changes as we all head into the holidays. If you think thin, it just may help you to prevent gaining weight.