A new Covid-19 variant, XBB.1.5 is spreading rapidly throughout the United States and in December of 2022, it was found to be an offshoot of Omicron. Researchers report the new XBB.1.5 is responsible for 4% to 18% of all new cases of Covid-19.

The CDC reports the new XBB.1.5 is responsible for more than half of all new infections and is the most transmissible form of Omicron yet.

Do your current vaccines work against the latest XBB.1.5? It’s not a simple answer because it appears the mutations of XBB.1.5 have made it more contagious, That means it is more transmissible and it will spread faster.

The good news is, thus far, this strain does not appear to cause more severe disease like other Omicron descendants so it causes a more mild illness.

But, even if it turns out these vaccines don’t hold up as well against infection with XBB.1.5, they’ll most likely protect against severe illness. A booster is recommended. Medical experts say there is no reason to think the existing home antigen tests