Heroism is still alive. If Mike Fisher hadn’t made the choice to help a crash victim Sunday on Billings’ West End, her circumstances would have assuredly been different.

“It looked like something out of a movie watching it happen. I was very surprised to find her alive when I opened the door. And, when I realized she didn’t need CPR but was seizing, I didn’t know how to help her so I called my wife, a former pediatric ICU nurse,” said Mike Fisher.

He saw the accident that happened at 62nd and Rimrock Road Sunday afternoon. A woman who has not been identified lost control of her vehicle at high speed and crashed into a field.

“So, I called Erica since we live just down the road. She got there within 2 minutes,” said Fisher.

Erica Fisher, a former pediatric ICU nurse knew exactly how to make every second count until the ambulance arrived.

“Like checking for a pulse on the wrist and neck, do not move the person in case of a neck injury and look for a medical bracelet and even possibly medication in their purse like diabetic medication or epi pen,” said Fisher quoting his wife’s advice to all citizens who need and want to help in an emergency.

Billings Fire, police, and ambulance arrived on the scene and removed her from her car after some time. It was a difficult rescue because of the field terrain but did rescue and transport her quickly.

Fisher didn’t want any recognition for his role in saving this woman’s life. “Not something we want to be about us you know.”

We should all be so amazing and humble. The Fisher’s are not only good samaritans but also brave, selfless, and inspiring.

It’s people like them who bring light into a sometimes dark world. Mike Fisher never thought twice about helping save this woman’s life and his wife couldn’t get there fast enough to help too.

Thank you, Mike and Erica Fisher. You’ve reminded us all of what is truly important in life. If someone is in dire need or distress, do your best.

Billings Beat does not have the identity of the driver who was injured. We’ll keep you updated.