ER Docs anywhere will tell you a very similar and familiar fact story; they see people who were out in the cold shoveling snow or walking vigorously and didn’t trust themselves to call 911 after feeling some heart or left shoulder pain.

A heart disease is now a top killer of both men and women and the signs can be subtle.

Any vigorous activity in the cold pushes your blood pressure and heart rate up. Think of getting your favorite car out you haven’t pushed the speed in in a while and taking it up too 100mph in a short amount of time. Most cars can still pull it off but may sputter. Sometimes, it damages the engine.

Your heart is only a muscle! Take it easy out in the snow and pay attention to your breathing. If you should start to feel short of breath, faint, dizzy or feel any pain in your chest, stop and take a break.

If you continue to feel discomfort, call your physician or 911.