Heroic flood relief efforts continue this week in Carbon County, one of the hardest hit in the historic flooding of the Yellowstone River.

Incident command for Carbon County Flood is listing unsafe conditions remain in the flooded area. “Please stay away from closed areas. Heavy equipment will be working in the area and many areas remain unsafe due to undercut sidewalks, roads and bridges,” according to Carbon County InciWeb Incident Information System.

The executive Director for the Red Lodge Area Community Foundation, Tracy Timmons, issued this update and a heartfelt thank you to everyone who is helping.

“Two weeks ago we were working together side by side managing unprecedented flood waters to stop the inflow into homes/businesses and to get basic utilities back on under the directions of our superstar disaster emergency services leaders, while we raised funds to provide small emergency grants to directly affected people, in every community in Carbon County. 

Last week we organized a lot of civilian volunteers, dispatched all over the County, to help muck out things, haul away debris and begin drying things out. We paid for the sanitation dumping and well water testings, while raising more money. Local businesses began to open up.

This week we are able to offer larger grant opportunities, up to $3K in some situations. All businesses are open and working together to build a strong summer season, regardless of area-wide rerouting!

Even though we continue to raise money every single day, it is still not enough, and we know it. If all 300+ homes that are affected needed at least $3K each to get just a few of the basics replaced, hot water heaters, electrical panels, structural assessments, we would have to raise $900K, and we have not yet done that. Plus, we know the needs are much higher than $3K. We are working hard to accomplish this! Recovery takes time, it’s a long haul. There are still a lot of unanswered questions regarding other funding sources for homeowners. We are very involved in the progress of those discussions too.

My hope is that you will complete this application if you need funding and provide us with enough information to secure additional funds,” Timmons said.

If you are currently displaced or in an unsafe living situation as a direct result of the recent flood in Carbon County, funds are available through the Carbon County Disaster Relief Fund to help. Applications are being accepted for up to $3,000 at this time, if that amount will allow anyone affected to safely return to your home and/or mitigate a serious unhealthy situation at your home.

If your immediate need is greater than $3,000 please complete the application below.

You can apply here. If you are unsure if you qualify, please apply anyway.

You can help reassure people who have been impacted that funding will be available to meet their needs by donating to the Carbon County Disaster Relief Fund of the Red Lodge Area Community Foundation, a 501C3 nonprofit organization. Your donation will provide direct, local financial support to help meet the most immediate needs of individuals and the agencies serving those affected by this disaster.

Volunteer: Please consider Volunteering to provide assistance for the Carbon County Flood disaster. Register online at carbonalert.org or give us a call at 406-445-7258.