Billings is home to a great ice rink at Centennial Park Ice Arena.

Learning to skate is not only great exercise, but it’s great for making new friends and building self-confidence learning a new skill.

Big Sky State games is hosting a skating event for all levels including beginners Friday, Saturday, and Sunday January 13-15, 2023.

The first event is $75 per participant and each additional event is $20 and well worth the cost to try the exciting sport of ice skating if you’ve never considered taking lessons.

There is a deadline for these events but it’s important to start thinking about ice skating and the opportunity to enjoy getting out on the ice at any level.

Yours truly skated competitively for years and I even coached ice skating in Colorado. It is a sport anyone can learn and enjoy. Hockey is an incredible sport all in its own and the beginning lessons and tips for skating can be used for either hockey or ice skating.

Give it a try! You really do feel free on the ice if you give at a chance. It’s great for cardio, balance, and a mood lift!