During this week in 1995, trucks carrying wolves arrived at the North Entrance of Yellowstone National Park and marked the beginning of that species’ restoration into the park.

On March 21, 1995, they were released–making it possible to see a wild wolf in Yellowstone for the first time in nearly 70 years and today there are close to 500 wolves in Yellowstone.

Almost all of the wolves who live and thrive in YNP today are direct descendants of the 41 wolves reintroduced in 1995.

Most scientists agree the reintroduction of wolves into YNP has been mostly positive with their hunting behavior impacting prey populations such as elk.

While the true impact of wolves on Yellowstone has been debated, scientists generally agree their reintroduction has helped to balance the natural resources with even plant life being benefited.

There’s something awe-inspiring about the wolf. They are natural and effective hunters and they portray the determination it takes to stay alive in the wild. The wolf has become a very inspirational animal and keeps the mystical spirit of the warrior alive for many.